The Sacred Feminine Oracle App and Deck by Roxi

Uplifting Sacred Feminine images with guidance for self care

Guidance from each card to bring the Sacred Feminine into your life. The Sacred Feminine Oracle

In tune with the rhythms of Mother Earth Guided meditations take you deeper into the uplifting imagery and healing energy of the Sacred Feminine App has readings and journal,  try it for free in your app store.  Decks come  in 2 sizes poker and jumbo and are shipped internationally.  Art created in colour pencils and originals will be for sale in the store.

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The Sacred Feminine Oracle

In tune with the rhythms of Mother Earth, these magical and mystical cards nurture your connection to Sacred Feminine energy.  Dedicated to the Divine Feminine, the Triple Goddess of Maiden, Mother and Crone, the cards inspire your intuition to open, your creativity to blossom and your natural understanding of connection to the feminine, to growth through self care. 

Nurturing yourself is a gift that no one else can offer. Through uplifting and colourful imagery and guidance and guided meditations, the cards create a sacred time and space to regain your balance, increase your flexibility, and bring out your inner wisdom. 

Honour, love and respect for Feminine energy is inherent in each card. Some encourage the release of old belief patterns to achieve self empowerment, others encourage rest or creativity to bring about healing. Tap into beauty, grace and self love by reconnecting with the Sacred Feminine to not only transform and heal yourself, but the world too. Mother of us All.  

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In both Poker or Jumbo sizes.  Shipped internationally